Hands-on Children’s Physiotherapy in Shropshire


Helen King Children’s Physiotherapy is a highly specialist Children’s Physiotherapy Practice offering assessment and specific individualised hands on physiotherapy for children.

“A smile is a connection, the beginning of a new journey.”

Being a Children’s Physiotherapist, seeing a child make progress in their development, use their body in new ways and gain new skills is highly rewarding. Interaction and connection is so important, it allows me to get children to reach their potential. A smile is the start of a new journey!

I have a special interest in treating children with neuro-developmental conditions, such as Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and Developmental Co-ordination Disorder.

I offer high quality assessment and hands on therapy, based on the most current and innovative approaches, utilising new and emerging techniques.

I am a highly specialised MAES Trained Children’s Physiotherapist and have been in the field for over 20 years. I have completed training in Bobath Therapy, gait analysis and many other areas and offer a holistic approach.

I can assess your child’s motor development and advise on activities that will help them to progress their motor skills, whether your child is mildly delayed or has a diagnosed condition.

I understand the value of time for families; to listen, to understand and to be able to offer individualised assessments for your child. Starting my own practice has given me the opportunity to offer more regular intervention to achieve better outcomes.

Key to this is my qualification as a MAES trained therapist. MAES Therapy is a new approach to assessing and treating children with neuro-developmental conditions; allowing analysis and treatment to be tailored from the perspective of the brain in a holistic way.

MAES Therapy has completely changed my approach to understanding movement disorders, it has enabled me to individualise my hands on therapy sessions and find new ways of developing new movement patterns in children.

I assist on MAES Therapy courses and really enjoy sharing my learning with other highly motivated professionals, who also want to make a difference to children’s outcomes.