Online Physiotherapy

 Due to the success of Online Physiotherapy sessions, we will continue to offer this option to families who feel it would be beneficial, either due to your child or a family member needing to shield, or if you would like your child to progress their physical skills but you live too far away.


I can successfully assess a child’s development online and either advise you via ongoing online sessions or signpost you to other services if your child requires face to face therapy. So don’t wait on a waiting list, contact me now for advice.

If you would like another perspective on your child’s needs and like to talk through where you are currently with their therapy, how you could move your child on further and where best to focus. Call me to book in a consultation.

If you live too far away, but have seen the positive feedback my clients give on the progress their child has made, you can also access this advice online.

Contact me for more information.

Helen went above and beyond in the treatment she gave my daughter. She improved so much in the time that she spent with Helen. Couldn’t recommend her enough, really brilliant physiotherapist.

Georgia’s Mum

We see Helen for physiotherapy for my daughter, and we are excited to see how Sienna is understanding her body better; each session we see something new!
I would recommend Helen’s services to any parent, she invests so much time trying to understand and develop Sienna’s ability to move in new ways, and has been a massive support to both Sienna and us as parents.

Angela, Sienna’s Mum

Helen is fantastic. Vinnie has come on so much since having his physio sessions and he is making continuous progress. Helen has helped me as a mother to understand Vinnie’s needs and how to support them in the best way I can to make everyday a little easier for him. Vinnie loves going to see Helen for his sessions and it is always a pleasure. I couldn’t recommend Helen enough.

Vinnie’s Mum

As a family, we worked hard for a long time on my daughter’s physical development and made very little improvement. Helen gave us a different perspective and a host of new ideas. In 3 months the difference was incredible. I cannot recommend her enough. What a wonderfully calm and patient lady, with such an approachable manner. Such a relief to have found her. Thank you, Helen.

Who do I see?

Babies with developmental delay

(for example – delayed sitting, rolling or walking).

Babies born prematurely

to help optimise their movement skills.

Children with a neurological condition

Or where this is suspected or at high risk for example Cerebral palsy, Traumatic Brain Injury, brain tumour.

Children with a genetic condition

for example Down Syndrome, Rett Syndrome.

Babies with a flattening on their head

(called plagiocephaly or brachycephaly).


Babies or children with a preference to turn their head oneway or with restriction in their neck movements.

Children who in-toe

Toe walk, are hypermobile or who are clumsy.

Children who have had an injury

Sprain or fractured a bone.

Children with co-ordination difficulties

For example Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD).

Children post-surgery

Including Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR),following Botox injections or following an orthopaedic procedure.

Children with Neuromuscular conditions

For example Muscular Dystrophy or Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

And many more…

Please note that this is not a definitive list of conditions. Contact us if your child has a condition you can’t see listed.